Richmond Legal Advice Service

What kind of advice we give

We try to diagnose your problem and give as much advice and suggestions as we can in the limited time available.

Our advice is based on the information you provide to us when you attend a Richmond Legal Advice Service (RLAS) advice clinic. If you have any documents (such as letters, forms, receipts or other papers) which are relevant please bring bring them along. For example, if you have a problem concerning

Although we do not (and are not able) to “take on” cases in the same way that a firm of solicitors or an law centre can, we can help you by drafting letters, filling in court forms and advising you over several sessions.

Note: We do not provide representation before the courts or in tribunals. Also, if your problem appears to be too complex for an instant answer, or requires more time and attention than we can allocate during our sessions, we will generally recommend that you will need to go to a firm of solicitors or other advice agency. We have a list of local solicitors, many who provide assistance under the legal aid scheme or enter into conditional/contingency fee arrangements. This list is also available for download)

Where you need to do something quickly or where you require immediate on-going help we will have to ask that you obtain advice and/or help elsewhere. For example, if you have a court or tribunal hearing within a few days, or the amount of help you need is large, but that help must be provided within a short period. This is because of our limited opening hours (one evening per a week) and that the adviser who sees you will not be present every week (or cannot work on your problem during the day).

Last updated: 9 January 2013