Richmond Legal Advice Service

Our Location

RLAS provides its free advice and assistance sessions in Richmond. The location for the RLAS sessions is:

Richmond-each Tuesday between 8pm and 9.30pm

Holy Trinity Church Sheen Park Richmond Surrey, TW9 1UP

Information on finding and traveling to this location.

Alternatives to RLAS

Free legal advice provided by lawyers

If you are looking for free legal advice in the London Borough of Richmond where the advice is provided by lawyers, then there are none in Richmond. The alternatives are all in other local authority areas. Please visit the Law Centre Network website for details.

Advice not provided by lawyers

If you are looking for advice, but which is not only provided by lawyers, the first choice in Richmond is Richmond CABx. If you have a physical or mental disability you may wish to contact Richmond Aid.

If you urgently need advice

If you cannot wait until RLAS re-opens, such as you have a hearing in a court or at a tribunal in the next few days or are facing a threat or danger then you should obtain help from a firm of solicitors straightaway or another advice agency which can provide immediate help.

If you believe you may be entitled to legal aid you should start here.

Alternatively you can search the Law Society website for firms dealing with your type of matter. You can carry out a search based on the area in which a firm of solicitors is located as well as the type of law they deal with. But note the firms themselves specify the type of law they deal with. You should check whether that they have the right type (and depth) of expertise in the specific area you are interested in.

Last updated: 18 September 2015